The Company: Fruit Fresh Spain

Fruit Fresh Spain is a company based in Murcia in the South East of Spain. They are growers and producers of fresh fruit, and they specialize in fresh lemons, peaches, apricots and mandarins.

As a family-run business, they grow their own fruit for the national and export market and were looking to expand their internet presence, especially in the international market.

They approached me with the aim of increasing their market share and positioning their company on Google with a simple but effective website that could be grown over time via the company news section.

Fruit Fresh Spain are growers and exporters of fresh fruit from Spain

We focused on two key strategies: technical SEO and content creation. We installed SEO plugins, optimized the site’s technical aspects, and used Rank Math to improve site speed.

Concurrently, we embarked on a content creation journey, crafting SEO-friendly content that resonated with Frozen Juice Spain’s audience and industry.

The Process

SEO Keyword Research

Understanding the highly competitive nature of the NFC Juice export market from Spain, we decided to prioritize SEO above PPC campaigns. We believe that the foundation of a successful project lies in thorough keyword research.

As the fruit export market from Spain is a highly competitive one, we needed to focus on SEO before beginning the web design process.

I believe that the best way to start a brand-new project is not with the web design first, but with keyword research.

With this in mind, I used several well-known keyword research tools including SEMrush and Google Keyword Planner first to identify the keywords that needed to be targeted and their search volume in order to make sure that the web site would gain traction and receive the relevant traffic from Google and Microsoft Bing.

The Design Process

The company was looking for a simple, clean web design with a touch of animation, which was provided using pure CSS.

As with all things related to web design and SEO, speed and mobile usability are key factors for user experience and the final result shows that the site is both mobile-friendly and fast, with an A grade from

The company were able to provide me with the relevant texts in both Spanish and English, the English was then double-checked to make sure that it had the right tone for the site.

Fruit Fresh Spain GT Metrix Score A

As can be seen from the above graphic, has an A grade from GTMetrix (The leading speed tester) and is fully usable on mobile according to Google’s mobile testing page.


Before going live, Search Console was connected to the site along with Google Analytics 4. Within Google Analytics, I then set up tracking so that we can see which keywords were being searched on Google and also how many contacts were being received. Contacts for this business are in the form of Emails, Phone Calls, Contact form fills and WhatsApps.


The site went live at the beginning of February 2023 and is making steady progress in Google. As we continue to add content to the company news section and continue with our external link-building and social media presence, Fruit Fresh Spain has steadily climbed in the Google rankings for our targeted keywords. As time has progressed, we have also discovered other keywords like “import quality fruits from spain” which have dramatically improved the number of visitors to our site.


Search results for Fruit Fresh Spain

After less than 3 weeks, Fruit Fresh Spain is ranking for “fresh fruit exporters spain”, one of our targeted keywords.


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