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What is a landing page?

A landing page is simply a dedicated page that clients land on, normally when they have clicked on an Ad from a search engine like Google or Bing. The objective of a landing page is to get customer data or convert them into a client as quickly as possible. This may be by getting them to fill in a form with contact details, download an app, an e-book, a trial, a coupon etc  

My aim is to convert as many visitors into leads as possible. The industry average is around 2.35%. This does depend on the industry but I have achieved monthly conversion rates of over 8%

I specialise in creating high quality targeted lead generating landing pages for self-employed people and small businesses.

How it works

A landing page should be fast, responsive and well designed with an emphasis on usability especially on mobile platforms (Google data shows that more than 50% of searches are performed on mobile devices). 


The first step is to define the target customer and analyse the best keywords. The page is designed to have one goal i.e generate a lead through a contact form.

A landing page must have all the information that a potential customer needs in order to make an informed decision.

Mobile First

Over 60% of people now use mobile devices to access the web. Your landing page must achieve its goals and look great on both desktop and mobile devices. 

A mobile-first landing page needs to visually appealing and fast on mobile friendly in order to achieve the maximum number of conversions.



After your approval and any changes, I will create the final page and publish it on your website (if you do not have an independent web designer). We will then move on to the testing stage. If you are running a PPC campaign with Google Ads or Bing Ads then I will also create different versions of the landing page in order to test which version works best.


Tracking is an integral part of your landing page, it helps to show exactly what is working and what is not working.

Your page includes all necessary tracking code for Google or Bing Ads and any other Analytic code necessary. I will also continue to optimize the page to get more conversions.  

Excample landing page for

Sample landing page for

Latest Success Stories

As a freelance landing page designer offering customized mobile-first landing pages, I have designed landing pages for some of the most successful brands in Murcia. I work with clients who are looking to increase their conversion rates and improve the profitability of their PPC Campaigns.