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OBJECTIVE: The most amount of contacts for less


Bing Ads Consultant Spain

Bing Ads Consultant

When most people think about paying for adverts on search engines, they think of Google Ads. Bing Ads is essentially Microsoft’s version of Google Ads.

Bing is now used for around 23% of searches around the world but is not so popular in the UK or Spain as in the United States. Bing Ads are displayed on the Bing, Yahoo and AOL  search engines. One of the main reasons to use Bing ads is that the Bing search engine is incorporated into the Windows platform and so is used more often than you think.

The adverts are displayed at the top, bottom, and side of the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). The second reason to use Bing is that there is a lot less competition and so the ads are a lot cheaper. Are you interested? Let’s talk

Do you need more contacts and sales for your business? 

Do you already have a Bing Ads account but you are not getting the contacts that you expected? Are you new to Bing Ads and need some help? If the answer is yes to any of these questions the you need a qualified Bing Ads specialist and I can help

As a Microsoft Advertising Professional, I offer:


Free Bing Ads check for existing accounts


Campaign management and optimisation.


Landing page design and optimisation service.


Full campaign reports.

What Bing Ads services do you offer?

Bing Ads is a highly targeted, cost-effective digital advertising platform that allows you to reach a highly-demanded audience that’s ready to purchase your product or service. Bing Ads gives you the opportunity to reach a broad audience of potential buyers in the most relevant way possible. You’ll be able to reach a high-quality audience that’s eager to learn about your business or product, at a much lower cost than traditional advertising platforms. The results of a Bing Ads campaign will also yield higher conversion rates, which will increase your bottom line.


Bing Ads Management

I will plan, manage and implement your Bing Ads campaigns. As a fully qualified Microsoft Advertising Specialist, I understand the differences between Google and Bing Advertising and how to get the maximum return on investment from your campaigns.


Bing Ads Strategy

Deciding on the right strategy for your Bing Ads campaign is the key to success. I create a highly targeted plan which can also be integrated with your Google Ads strategy.

Bing Ads Freelancer

Bing Ads Consultants

If you are looking to manage your own Bing Ads account, then I can help. I offer online training which will help you to set up and manage your account on your own. Contact me today for more information about my training services.


Bing Ads Audits

Do you already have a Bing Ads campaign that is not performing as expected? I offer a full Bing Audit service where I can show you exactly what is missing from your Bing Ads campaign and more importantly, how to fix it.

Bing Ads Creatives

Ad Creatives

I also work with a team of graphic designers who can help you with your Bing Ads display creatives. For search ads, I am an expert at creating high performing text ads. Contact me today to find out more about how I can help you.

Freelance Bing Ads Management

I am a fully qualified Microsoft Advertising Professional, and I have also worked as a PPC advert reviewer for one of the leading search engines.



I fully research your business, audience, competitors and that your ad campaigns will be highly targeted and cost effective



I work to find the keywords which will offer you the best Return On Investment (ROI). This is an ongoing procedure that never stops



Set up your Bing Ads account. The Bing Ads account has many different options and I will optimise to get the best from every advert.



Writing compelling adverts that gets your ad clicked on by the customers who are interested in your product or service.



Your Quality Score is always of paramount importance to me. A higher quality score leads to a lower Cost Per Click (CPC).



I design high-quality landing pages which are designed to convert your visitors into contacts. As a designer, I am always testing your landing page (without the additional cost of a developer) so that I can find the landing page that works best for you.



Set up of Google Analytics and Bing conversion tracking



All new accounts are monitored very closely and adjusted where required, before moving onto monthly optimization.

Anthony Rose Consultor de Bing Ads Molina de Segura, Murcia

What I can do for you?

As a PPC consultant, I specialize and have experience in lead generation and reach, for small to medium businesses, which are often located in Murcia and on the Costa Blanca. As a native English speaker,

I can promote your business in both English and Spanish and I also use a highly experienced Spanish translator for proofreading Spanish adverts.

Find out more about me as a PPC expert at

Why choose me as your Bing Ads Freelancer?

Freelance Bing Ads specialist in both English and Spanish


  1. 4 years experience of Bing Ads (Bing Ads is a much newer product than Google Ads)
  2. Results-driven, advertising in competitive markets, where maximizing performance is central to success.
  3. I charge a monthly or hourly rate, rather than a percentage of ad spend, so you get better value for your budget.
  4. Comparable performance to larger agencies but more cost-effective.
  5. Friendly, personalized service, I am available 7 days a week and am constantly monitoring your ad campaign.
  6. Find out more about how a Bing Ads Expert can help you.